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Gas stockpiling fee

The strategic gas stockpiling fees are established by the Minister of Climate at the proposal of the Council of the Estonian Stockpiling Agency.

The stockpiling fee, expressed in euros per megawatt-hour of gas sold, will be published one month before it comes into effect.

Current (starting January 1, 2024) strategic gas stockpiling fee is 0,45€ per megawatt-hour.

The basis for establishing the stockpiling fee is the expected cost required for managing the amount of strategic gas reserve in the next calendar year and the expected amount of gas sold in the next calendar year.

The stockpiling fee may be changed according to the incurred costs. The specified stockpiling fee will be effective from the month after its establishment. If the total amount of stockpiling fees collected paid in a calendar year exceeds the corresponding year’s reserve management costs, the excess amount will be taken into account when establishing the next stockpiling fee.

The minimum rate of the stockpiling fee is 0.1 euros and the maximum is 2.5 euros per megawatt-hour of gas sold to the end consumer.