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15.06.2022 Invitation to Tender for sale of 7 600 tonnes of winter diesel in Oy Teboil Ab terminal, Turku

Procurer is asking relevant Bidders to participate in a tender for contracting: the agreement for sale of 7 600 tonnes of diesel in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated in the following documents (Invitation Documents) attached to this Invitation to Tender:

-    Instructions to the Bidders (on 3 pages)
-    Specifications and Delivery Terms (on 3 pages)
-    General Conditions of Procurer for the Sale of Liquid Fuels (on 5 pages)
-    Bid Form (on 1 page)

Please note: Bids for part-quantities are not acceptable.

With regard to the stipulated closing date we kindly ask you to thoroughly study the comments and contents as well as the terms.

In case you want to bid, please submit your bid by e-mail (in .pdf format) to: at the latest before Closing of Tender at 23:59 h (local Estonian time), 27.06.2022. Bids shall be received by Procurer by this time. Later arrivals cannot be considered. Bids will only be accepted if submitted on the attached Bid Form.

Procurer reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to be the sole and final judge of all bids.

Bidders are bound to their bids until and including 30.06.2022.